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With a passion for the game and a dedication to excellence, Pickleball Court Experts creates the world’s most playable and fun pickleball courts, tailored just for you.

close up of a pickleball court and net in a tropical setting.

How It All Started

More court time! If you find yourself constantly looking to find an open court like we did, you know the struggle. We took the leap and built our own backyard pickleball court.

What happened next? Kitchen mastery. With those extra hours on the court, we became better players. We learned when to dink and when to speed it up. We mastered the art of the attack and how to play with left and right handed partners. We spent more time mastering strategy – reading opponents and anticipating the next play.

We learned that having a court at home helps you stay active, brings family and friends together, and gives kids a safe place to play.  Plus, you can enjoy the game year-round.  

Most importantly, we learned how much the court surface matters. It affects how the ball bounces. A good surface helps players stay safe with good traction, reducing slips and joint injuries. And you want to choose the right surface material that makes the court last longer and need less maintenance.

125+ backyard builds later, we’re the leading experts in the field. We offer quality installation, resurfacing, repair, and renovation services, ensuring you have the best possible playing experience.

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