How Big is a Pickleball Court? Dimensions and Size Matter

Picture of a standard pickleball court. Dimensions are 20 by 44 feet
Picture of a standard 20ft X 44ft pickleball court.

Pickleball is fun. For those of us who have played for years, we have seen about every type of pickleball court layout. Wide courts, long courts, short courts, Courts with fences, and courts without. One of the frequent questions we get asked when building backyard pickleball courts is “Does size really matter?” This is a great question as consumers contemplate two things: 1. Do I have enough space in my backyard for a court? And 2. How will court size affect playing pickleball?

The standard pickleball court dimensions are 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. If you are looking to build your own pickleball court, recommendation for the concrete slab is 30 feet wide by 60 feet long ensuring plenty of room for the 20 foot by 44 foot court. This allows for the volley zone and service areas, as well as giving players plenty of safety, and extra space to play. If your backyard allows, extending the length of the court to 65 feet with a width of 36 feet is ideal. For pickleball players looking for width or deep baseline shots, extending the court surface and court boundaries just a few feet provides the necessary spacing for all types of shot-making. Check out our gallery to see how some of our customer’s various court styles look.

Remember, your net posts will extend beyond the sidelines by approximately a foot on each side, so your actual spacing on the width, assuming a 30-foot slab, will be just under four feet. The baseline, in these dimensions, will have just under 8 feet on either side providing plenty of depth to reach those lobs.

What is the Optimal Size for Backyard Pickleball?

A 30 foot by 60 foot concrete slab will allow for a wonderful playing experience. The back fences (assuming fencing is the back structure) will rarely come into play except on the deepest serves. The 4 foot width on either side of the net posts allows for the experienced players to attempt the famous “ATP” shot without fear of running into the side fence. Many people with the required space are extending their depth and width by 6-10 feet total on the sides and back. This size makes the playing experience exceptional as you will never be concerned with a backswing touching the back fence. Also, those low, wide shots can be tracked down without fear of going headfirst into a side fence.

Sunken Pickleball Size Courts – Another Great Option

We are also seeing an uptick in building sunken pickleball courts in backyards without fences but with natural, concrete barriers. These are recommended for people with plenty of space (minimum 65 x 36) as you don’t want players interacting with the walls on these courts. No one has ever been dissatisfied with their court who has extended it to 65’ x 36’ while those who go below the recommended dimensions of 30 foot x 60 foot feel slightly constricted in their play. Building the proper size court will enhance the playing experience while allowing you to improve your game.

Have Questions? We’re Ready to Help!

Whether you’re into casual games or want your own pickleball court for a competitive edge, when you’re measuring and considering the pickleball court dimensions for your property, remember that the United States USA Pickleball Association specifies certain regulations for a reason. The right court size will not only respect the official USA Pickleball rulebook but also elevate your game, whether you’re using a portable net in a shared space or installing a permanent fixture. From fence height, lighting, to the color of the playing surface, every detail matters for recreational or competitive play. So, before you build a court, consider these guidelines to ensure your court provides ample room for fun, safety, and competitive play.

Picture of a pickleball court with boundary fence

Useful Pickleball Court Terms

Pickleball Court Dimensions: Official measurements for the width and length of the playing area.
Regulation Size: The standard, approved dimensions for competitive play.
Kitchen Line: A term specific to pickleball referring to the non-volley zone close to the net.
Service Court: The area on either side of the center line from which players serve.
Boundary Lines: The lines that define the playing area of the court.

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